Triple G Resources, LLC

Triple G Resources is highly specialized energy company that provides the highest quality Anthracite coal to manufacturers who need reliable resource access and delivery.

Who We Are

Our company is not merely a mining company. We are a SERVICE company, first and foremost.

Our Company is comprised of a TEAM of skilled professionals, each of whom contributes in their own way to the quality of service delivered by Triple G Resources.  Our TEAM includes the Founder and Owner of a Mining Engineering Company, the Founder and Owner of a Mining Company, the Founder and Owner of a Marketing Company, the Founder of a Site Contracting Company, and the Founder and Owner of a Finance/Brokerage Company.

Whom We Serve

Our target market is the corporate class of commercial coal users that need consistent, reliable service in the provisioning of Anthracite coal. Such companies include steel manufacturers, cement companies (particularly those companies that are tired of paying inflated prices for bituminous coking coal) and others.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products, on time.